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Create a stong local instagram presence

Increase the number of followers you have on instagram and twitter.

Using our community builder module, you can figure out loyal users who are not your follower yet but will be willing to do so. Then using the tool, you can engage with them and make them follow your instagram page.

Step 1: Figure out loyal users of your brand and filter them by country.
Step 2: Using different engagement strategies, engage with the users.
Step 3: Get informed when the user becomes your follower.

Search user generated content in realtime.

Using the Sysomos Gaze photo monitor module, you can search photos that meet your criteria. You can also save filters so that next time a photo is uploaded with the specific criteria, you are alerted.

Get detailed analytics to questions like:

  • Show me photos of coca cola taken in Serbia with English language.
  • Show me photos of heineken taken by males in Portugal who also like wine.
  • Show me photos of louis vuitton taken by females in Spain who talk about fashion.