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Photo Monitor

Locate and manage your brand in social photos.

Time has come for brands to take note of the visual revolution thats going on in Social Media. With instagram, twitter, pinterest and facebook combined, billions of photos are posted everyday.
Using Sysomos Gaze you can figure out when and where pictures containing your brand are posted across social media.

Locate brand photos from across instagram and twitter:

  • Photos with your brand logo. Sysomos Gaze technology can detect logos that are scale invariant, rotation invariant and illumination invariant.
    • Sysomos Gaze Logo Detection Technology analyzes photos for presence of logos.
    • Example of photos which are scale invariant
    • Example of photos which are rotation invariant
    • Example of photos which are illumination invariant
  • Photos which have faces in them using face detection (Still in beta). We have added face recognition to our technology stack that enables us to get cool photos of your brand with faces in them.

Get deep drill down analytics and metrics

  • Location Analytics
  • Top Words
  • Graphs and Trends
  • Top influential users

Engage with users taking those photos on instagram and twitter

  • Like/Comment on instagram photos from within the dashboard.